Why Odessa Women Marry Foreigners?

Did you ever ask yourself why so many Odessa women have profiles on international dating websites? Why they are so eager of marrying a foreigner that they are ready to come to the edge of our world with another man? A common thinking is that they want escaping living conditions in Ukraine but the truth is much more complicated. Do you want getting rid from rumors and know real reasons why Odessa ladies are so eager of finding their love abroad? This article will tell you the answer.

Why Odessa women prefer foreign men?

If you ask an average woman from that country having a profile in international dating website, why do Odessa women marry foreigners, they will tell you 5 main answers:

  1. They feel safer with a foreign husband: Ukrainian realities show horrendous examples of family’s violence where women become victims and many accidents which leave most of them to bring up their child alone. Women view an international marriage as a way of moving to a safer place;
  2. Ladies cannot be satisfied with Slavic salaries and standards of living: Ukraine is a country where there is a huge discrepancy between wealthy and poor. Even the most intelligent people may obtain 200$ per month, which is not enough for supporting their families. Odessa bride looking for men abroad is not a woman who prefers moving to the US but the woman who doesn’t want bothering about her financial side;
  3. Women prefer having better education and greater career perspectives for their children: post-Soviet Universities renowned for highly-appreciated educational standards cannot provide good education and career opportunities for their students unlike best Universities in the US or the UK. It is much easier bringing up a genius in such countries when making it in Ukraine;
  4. Ladies want living longer and be ensured about their health safety: Ukraine doesn’t have well-developed medical insurance program so if a woman is ill, she doesn’t have enough financial support from the working place and government;
  5. Women prefer having simple feminine happiness: Main dream making most of them cry is to have a peaceful life with her loving husband which has so devastating contrast to unsustainable and stressful state of Ukraine. They don’t like marrying a person, who is addicted to alcohol or a criminal, they want marrying an intelligent person who will bring them closer to their dream.

Remember, spouses from Ukraine are not ashamed of their country and they don’t pursue an opportunity of moving to another country. If they had an opportunity of meeting a worthy man, they would not act so desperately. Nevertheless, the social pressure on unmarried ladies is so high that most of them cannot endure and agree to accept what they have. Those who register on dating websites cannot do like this because they know that they are worth more. Such spouses know they’d rather die than engage with a wrong person. Do you prefer saving one of them from the possibility of being unmarried? If yes, listen how can you do this.

How to find Odessa women for marriage?

As you already understood, the best way to find your beauty there is registering to a Ukrainian marriage agency and finds your love here. Finding her that way will ensure you that you don’t waste your time because from every woman such service requires verification using passport or the tax code number. Moreover, you will be supported by professional translator services who will make the communication process between you two a lot easier (most of Odessa ladies don’t know English well enough to communicate with native speakers). Money spent on such services are very small comparing to the waste of money you will obtain if come to the country and try to find your love onside the cafeterias or restaurants.

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